Think for a moment...

Are you tired of living your life day to day?

Do you feel stuck and fearful?

Have you given up on your dreams, and find yourself in a holding pattern?

Does it feel like you are phoning your life in and not really living it?

Have you not found your true calling?

Do you long for meaningful intimate relationships?

Would you like to make more money, change career, and finally take control of creating your life?

Do you ever feel like a child in your adult life and worry that people will find out?

Have you experienced symptoms of childhood abuse in adults?

​Have you tried everything and feel like giving up?

You're not alone. I've been there too.

At the age of forty-three I felt incredibly stuck and disconnected in my life.   I had become very good at pretending everything was okay all the time and it wasn't working for me anymore.

I longed to be more authentic and transparent.  More real.   Time seemed to be moving by faster and faster and I had no idea what my purpose was.

I embarked on a spiritual journey with the intention of awakening.   I read books, followed gurus,  began a yoga and meditation practice, attended workshops, and ended up in India.  The fog began to clear.


What I learned in the last six years on my healing journey trumps all of my years as a psychotherapist and wellness coach combined.

​I discovered that I had become a slave to unconscious programs of my mind that developed out of fear and was living on autopilot.

I was sexually abused by a priest at the age of thirteen and believed it was my fault.   I grew up Catholic and felt condemned for being gay.  I was bullied in high school. These experiences created a deep shame for me that was holding me back.  I had no idea.​​

Shame is an unconscious epidemic in the world that often goes unnoticed. It's the voice within that says, "I'm bad.  I'm wrong.  I'm unworthy."

Experiences of abuse as children deeply effect our sense of self, forming negative beliefs that literally color the lens of our current perspectives in some or all areas of life.   Our perspective IS our reality.
The good news is that perspective can be changed.

It was hard for me to get a handle on my childhood abuse because I was continually comparing my experience to others.

Shame is all about comparison.   I thought of abuse as being forced, beaten, or raped.   I actually loved my abusers and would have done anything for them.   I didn't feel worthy of calling myself abused and it kept me from healing for a very long time.

Our primitive "survival mind" works automatically to keep us alive.   It also protects us from the very places we have judged to be small and unworthy based in our abusive experiences as children.

We develop strategies such as pretending, repressing, blaming the world, confronting, or numbing out in order to survive our lives.   These strategies keep us feeling disconnected.

Sound familiar?

​​Think back.  

Were you sexually, emotionally, or physically abused as a child?  Were you bullied?  Were you ignored?

It's common for adults who were abused as kids to feel broken, unfixable, and unlovable.   I'm here to tell you that you are whole and compete now.  You've only bought into a world where you are small and unworthy.

Does all of this make you feel resistant, angry, or nauseous?   I get that.   I felt resistant every step of my healing journey as my mind was protecting me from feeling vulnerable.  It took my a long time to embrace my shame and begin to expand and heal.

What I know is that I now feel fully empowered and present in my life now.  My healing journey is the platform for the coaching work I do today.   I'm here to assist you.

My revolutionary coaching program is specifically for anyone who has suffered abuse as a child and is finally ready to recover, to stop surviving life and start living the joyful meaningful life you were born to live.

Together we will go deep and begin questioning everything your have learned.   We will create new truth statements that are in alignment with your purpose.

I will guide you back to the places you have judged as unworthy, and you will begin to experience the healing that you have been longing for your entire life.

Our work will be completely unique to your needs.  We will create practices mind, body, and spirit practices that will be unique to you and assist you in remaining connected and present that will serve a lifetime.

My job as your coach is to guide you back to the drivers seat of your life, by learning to trust that everything you need is already within you.   You are your own guru.  It's time to reconnect with your spirit where all the answers lie. 

If I can do it, I know you can too.

"David has given me the space to be myself with no judgement.  You get the feeling he really understands where you are coming from.  He has a refreshing, inspiring, and humorous way of seeing things that is contagious.  He really cares.  I leave sessions with him feeling excited about my life and ready to take the next steps toward my goals."

David Hillst, Sr. Vice President, Alva-Amco Pharmaceutical Company

"David leads from his own healing and transformative experience with tremendous enthusiasm, knowing the inner terrain of the human heart very well.  He is a brilliant, enthusiastic, and deeply inspiring thought leader​."

Mark Anthony Lord, Author, Speaker, and Coach

"David Lohman DeVore is a masterful coach, teacher, and spiritual guide.  His intuitive heart matched with his grounded and practical skill will unearth the most authentic and whole person inside of you.  Working with him will bring about profound healing."

Sonia Choquette, New York Times best-selling author of "Love Yourself...Live Your Spirit"


"David is one of the most authentic individuals I have ever encountered.  This quality, coupled with his ability to create a safe space, listen from a deep inner space, and follow his impeccable intuition, create a perfect blend of knowledge, wisdom, and insight. The perfect ingredients to insure your transformation!  Give yourself the gift of working with David and let your life speak for itself."

Suzi Lula, M.A., Master Spiritual Practitioner, Author

Work with me.

I am looking for open minded individuals who are ready to journey deeper into their truth, and courageously challenge perspectives that don't serve them anymore. You are entering a life changing, transformative experience.  Your total commitment is necessary.

Lasting change requires time, practice, awareness, and lots of patience.

For that reason I require a commitment of six months to one year. I work with a small group of clients at a time so I can give you my fullest attention.

Sessions are fifty minutes a week on the phone or Skype.  Before each session, create an intention on what you would like to take away from the experience.  Have a notebook handy and allow yourself some time before and after the session to prepare and or contemplate the experience.

​​​"I have told David things that I have never told anyone in my life.    He is willing to honestly share his experience and awareness in this continually intriguing and challenging world.   He gives you the opportunity ​to challenge your own thoughts and perceptions, recognizing that we each have a unique path. Riveting. Bold. Sincere. "

Fred Fontana, Writer, Producer

One of the most important aspects of successful coaching is the relationship between client and coach.  It's important for you to feel comfortable with me before making the commitment of working with me.

For that reason, I offer a FREE session/consultation to get to know you and discuss how I may assist you in getting what you want in life.

In my experience, we will both know if we are a match.  Take some time to look at my vid series on the site and get to know me.

Your first call to action is to set up your FREE session!  Please don't hesitate.  I am not a salesman and you will not receive countless emails from me.  This is a life changing opportunity.  I'm incredibly excited for you to begin experiencing your life as you were born to live it.

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